Everything … is for a purpose.

I regularly contemplate my place in this world, and how everything ‘fits’ together – nothing new in that endeavour – it has been the quest of thinking peoples, probably since time began…

This affirmation describes one of the ways I have tried to reconcile how life seems to work around (and with) me – I hope it can strike a chord with some of you.

purpose1(The picture is of Glen Garry, just to the west of Loch Ness in Scotland, and was taken by me)

Peace and health to you all.


‘Everything we experience in life is for a purpose, by design, and for the good of ourselves and those around us, even if we do not understand it at the time. Our lives are like rivers that start very small and quiet – a gentle trickle of precious water that delights all who see it. As we gather more experiences, both turbulent and peaceful, our waters gather strength and speed, taking us through new and interesting places, until we reach obstacles that prevent us going forwards in the way we plan. Sometimes we rush through, carrying the earth and bushes with us, and sometimes we gather in pools of liquid strength, and then carve a fresh channel towards our distant goal. At times we are joined by others along the journey, some enriching our flow and some diverting parts of us to different destinations. Some stay with us, and some take new routes in their search for their true worth. We may give a part of our strength to other streams, or set some of our strength to one side in lakes, for many others to use. As we get older, our pace may quicken as we make a new path through unmapped country, or our pace may slow and the bushes, the trees, and the earth we gathered are set aside for new growth to start along our path. Throughout our journey, we are using what we started with, and what our experiences have added to us, to be what we are meant to be – useful to the land around us, watering and nourishing the fields, while still progressing to our final merging with all the other waters on this great journey of life.’

            ~ Gaius Quinterus


7 thoughts on “Everything … is for a purpose.

  1. I really relate to this: Absolutely everything that happens, even (and perhaps especially) the difficult things, opens the door to another opportunity. This is beautifully written.

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