Happiness matters!

Everyone wants to be happy, and indeed has the right to be happy. The pursuit of ‘happiness’ (whatever we take that to mean) is actually a self-perpetuating, never-ending, task for each of us, every day. We may feel it is the driving force for what we do, and it is naturally within us to try to be ‘happy’ – perhaps we think that true ‘happiness’ can come from earning enough money so we acquire a certain object, or ‘happiness’ can come from reaching a certain level of career, or….

However, one of the great truths in life is that true happiness comes when we give happiness to others – their happiness will make us happy in a very real, profound way. I am certainly not proposing we go out, spend all our money, and buy everything we can to then give it all away to others – no, that may help one or two people on the surface and may make them happy for a short time, but mere possessions do not make for long-term happiness, for anyone. Things (objects, cars, houses, possessions, etc.) all decay and fade away with time – the long-term worth is nothing!

Far better to help people feel loved, accepted, cared-for, valued and appreciated, which is something that often costs nothing financially but can bring untold rewards for us all, and those rewards and benefits encourage and sustain even more people to give in such a way too. The returns are true positive returns, true happiness and will long outlast our puny bodies ! Giving of your time and love is a gift beyond price, and the reward to others (and therefore to your own soul) is also without price, but is to be sought out and aimed for at every opportunity.

In all things, and this is an important final thought just now, make sure your happiness does not remove the happiness from anyone else, or the potential for them to enjoy their happiness. The best way to be happy is to help others to be happy, then there can be no conflict of interest and everyone wins – including you! Be blessed,  bless others, and be happy!

~ Gaius Quinterus



Everyone seeks, and deserves, happiness. Share happiness with others, as a loving mother shares her life with her child!

~ Gaius Quinterus



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