‘Truth simply is, because Love is’

‘Truth’ has no sound, no voice, no size, no volume, no smell, no sense of time, distance or strength. To constrain ‘Truth’ in any such way diminishes it, and forces it to be a human condition, perception or effect. ‘Truth’ simply ‘is’.  It permeates everything and anything – it’s very being is contained in the arrangement of the energy that gives substance to everything – it is the other side of that great expanse of existence which has ‘Love’ written on the side we see – the greatest truth being this:- ‘Truth’ is ‘Love’. It is the manifestation, partner, expression and co-equal of ‘Love’ in our existence and as we focus on developing one in our life, the other is there right alongside, each providing their own peace and comfort to our soul.’

Breckon Beach, Yell

I pray that Truth, and Love, surround you all, at all times

~ Gaius Quinterus


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