Cultivate within your heart the Desire to serve others, guided by Love!

What do you desire most? What drives you each day to get up, get dressed and prepare for a new day? What set of values do you place on long-term, medium-term or short-term results? Answers to these questions can help focus our minds and determine our actions to make use of the time and talents we have.

Before we delve into these questions, perhaps we need to examine the word ‘desire’ because this word must not be confused with the word ‘love’. They are, very much, related, but they are not the same emotion. Desire is more accurately associated with “wanting, wishing for, longing for and craving a situation or ‘thing’”. Often commonly applied to a sexual goal or acquisition of an object, it is, in essence, a driving force for a particular end result. It is therefore essentially a conscious mental stance we take, a ‘tool’ to achieve an objective, often associated with a selfish state of mind, but it does not *have* to be selfish. If the end goal is for ‘self’ then the desire is certainly selfish, but if the end goal is one established through genuine love for others and the heartfelt wish to serve others, then ‘desire’ takes on a different role and becomes a personal mechanism to overcome obstacles and help power our ‘journey’, with passion and determination, to reach the goal that can benefit those we would love, and correctly desire, to help.

So, when you get up each day, what is the first thing your mind settles on wanting to do? Are you focused on a positive, life-changing objective, or a selfish path that may, or may not, bear fruit..? Are you determined to use your skills and resources, your experience and energy, your time and opportunity, to help others, or to simply help yourself? Have you considered, and do you regularly review, the short-term, medium-term and long-term impact of your objectives? Are these objectives driven and powered by Love for others, or are they powered by Love for yourself?

Of course, work and family obligations play a big part, and we must attend to those things as they come before us, and we also have to rest, eat, etc. too – these things are not selfish – they are part of life. But the parts we choose to plan for the future – the varying types of focus in our lives – these may or may not be desires, and we have to consider what the valid ones are, and make sure they occupy our minds and intellect as best we can. What we think about, what drives us, what we have set as our targets and what we desire, then that is what we become – be gentle, kind, caring and thoughtful with others and you will become a gentle, kind, caring and thoughtful person – it is inevitable!

Keeping Love to the forefront of our decisions makes everything much more organised, much nicer for others, and ultimately serves us best as well. Love brings with it Compassion, Empathy, Kindness, Gentleness, and the other things we often talk about positively – we cannot have too much of these things in this world – we owe it to each other! Much love, and bless you all – may your desires be good ones, and may they all come to fruition!


Cultivate within your heart the Desire to serve others, guided by Love. It is a powerful, and active, emotional tool, which can guide and focus our lives for good, in a wonderful way.

~ Gaius Quinterus


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