Our life is out there, waiting to welcome us, with open arms!


No matter how long the journey, how dark the valley, how steep the sides, what obstacles stand in our way, and even if we can’t see it directly – there is a future out there, for us individually, one in which the sun shines and we are out of the corridor of despair, self-doubt and introspection.

Life can close in on us, crush us and feel like it is spitting us out… but, while we may feel we are in a tunnel, remember that there is actually no roof – it only feels like a tunnel because we have stopped seeing the light above us – it is always there and always shining.

For instance, it is a truly great experience to fly in a plane in the middle of a miserable, wet, Winter day – when you climb up through the clouds, suddenly you climb high enough to break through the top and the cabin is flooded with bright sunlight. It is a joyous feeling and all thoughts of the dismal day, you just left behind a few minutes ago, are forgotten, as you let the heat of the sun warm your face, relax as the plane settles into smooth, turbulent-free flight, and realise that life is actually very good, and (for a short while at least) you have everything you need, and no need to worry.

Let’s consider the whole flying experience for a minute… you arrived at the airport, seemingly ludicrously early, so they can go through all their screening checks – you are  nervous about how you packed everything so it is all secure and safe – you are concerned you are only taking the permitted things through check-in for hand luggage – there is the interminable waiting that seems to be part of every airport transit now – perhaps you can look outside to see the plane sitting, waiting, with rain pouring off it, and the wind howling… knowing you have to leave the warm, dry departure lounge and face the outdoors yourself… then they call the flight for boarding and you get your stuff gathered up trying not to forget anything, head outside, bracing yourself against the cold, wet, wind and board the plane… The weary safety announcements are read out and acted out by the cabin crew… after listening politely the plane starts up, heads for the runway and finally takes off…. Then the ‘fun’ begins as it has to climb through the blustery, wet, cloudy weather.. and yet finally you burst through the clouds and there really is a different world up there.. Sure, it may be bumpy at the other end if they also have poor weather, but it is so, so good to have some respite from the worst of the weather, and enjoy the sun-filled life for a while. The feeling lasts and helps with the descent at the end of the flight – the feeling can last for days, and help you cope with life in general – Was it worth the effort of the airport, the waiting and the climb? Yes, of course it was – you would happily do it again, for the same rewards…

The journey of Life can be a bit like the whole flight experience – extra effort required sometimes, additional hassles to fight through, strange rules to follow, and putting your head down and fighting the ‘storms’ of life … But, remember the sun really is shining up there, every day, above the clouds … Remember that the top of the tunnel is not real and you can fly up through it and enjoy the rays and warmth of the sun just by taking a ‘flight’ even at night time!! – The sun has been around for millions of years and will continue for millions more years – there for all of us, and especially there for you, even in your dreams…

As the picture says, ‘Take heart that the sun is above us, and shines every day, as it has done for millions of years! In the distance we can witness its glow and see its fire – our life is out there, waiting to welcome us, with open arms!’
~ Gaius Quinterus


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