Our lives, and their purposes, must not be rushed

Everything takes time to grow, develop, mature and be useful – our present world loves to rush everything and to see instant results…. But that is not how the world works best – It does not make us truly happy to be instantly gratified, no matter what the marketing people tell us, what the adverts say, and what promises are made… Anything worthwhile, long-lasting and fruitful takes time – often years of constant effort, hard work, sacrifices and continually re-assessing, and re-focussing on, the day-to-day goals and realistically achievable victories of living.

Picture is at the ‘Hams of Muckle Roe, Shetland, Scotland’ taken by me

Learning from nature, we can see that in the case of a beautiful coastline it can take many millions of years to give us something that soothes our souls and enriches our lives. Our human lives, and their purposes, must not be rushed either, for that is not the way to grow as intended – in harmony with the world, and the other people, around us. We start our lives as very small, puny infants, knowing little, and with needs that far outweigh what we can do for ourselves.

As we progress through life we see things and opportunities we would like to explore, play with, strive for, and we start to get hit by the advertising and marketing companies who tell us what they think we need, want, must have, etc…. They have no idea what is best for us (simply using the ‘one-size fits all’ mentality suits advertising agencies and their like..), and yet they try to take our minds away from enjoying what we have already, what might be all we really need to be happy and content where we are… They cloud our judgements with their ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, their ‘Be Happy’ sales pitches and their desire to part us (or our parents when we are young) with more and more money…. THEY do not care about what is really best for us – we have to discover that for ourselves – we need to train our minds and hearts to seek true happiness through compassion and love for others – a giving life is what brings happiness, and what makes us focus on what matters to make our lives truly worthwhile….

This all takes time, and perhaps many mistakes before we realise the sense of it, but it honestly takes years for most people, and cannot be hurried. The faster we learn, the less pain and hardship we have to endure – the more we give to others (of our time, talents and skills), the more we receive ourselves for it is its own reward (not everyone is grateful, but most are) – Still, they (the marketeers) try to deflect us as we grow older, and try to make us think selfishly – but ultimately the money-driven organisations will fail and become nothing, while what we plant, nourish and tend (with constant love, caring, humility and compassion) will grow and spread to many others. It really does take time, but that time is well spent – much love to all !

Worthwhile, long-lasting results take time – often years. Our lives, and their purposes, must not be rushed, for that is not the way to grow as intended – in harmony with the world, and the people, around us.
~ Gaius Quinterus


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