Our souls and our inner, deepest, beings, need to love others to be truly alive

The world is quick to help us spend our money on useless ‘stuff’, quick to make us waste our time on doing nothing of value, and yet is also quick to condemn those who give of themselves willingly to help others, with no thought of reward, praise or glory from what they are doing. When we talk about the ‘value’ of things, or possessions like houses, cars, etc. then we are completely missing the point about what really matters.

The most valuable thing you can give to any individual (and that includes yourself), or to any situation, is your care, your compassion, and understanding – but, most especially, your heartfelt Love! Love is free to give, and pays you back many times over – it has no monetary value, but its value is beyond price, in the good it can do in the lives of others. Giving of your Love, goes against all rational principles promoted by the big money-making organisations and thinkers. Strangely, Love only has real value when it is given away, because to hold it back makes it wither, die and become a personal, burden of unused guilt – and it can break you unless you use it well! Our lives, our souls and our inner, deepest, beings, need to love others to be truly alive – the rewards are many time more than what we give away, making it easier to give out even more.


Let me put it like this – over countless millennia, many scientists, innovators and engineers, have searched for the perpetual machine – a machine that needs no energy put into it, because it produces more than it uses – in the real, physical 3D world we inhabit then a perpetual machine cannot happen due to technical stuff like friction, wear, etc…. BUT Love, real life action founded on Love, and driven by Love at its core, IS that perpetual machine. It produces more and more Love along the way, it excites and invigorates people in their daily lives and everything they do, everyone they meet is touched by it  – it is the essence and source of the power we need in this world to make positive changes, to bring a better life to those who struggle, and it grows and expands to affect our entire existence if we keep giving it away. Fire up the machine and it goes and drives all by itself, and gives more and more Love to use, again and again. Yes, it is miraculous, but it truly works!

We know that when we are ‘in love’ we see everything differently, experience everything more intently, feel positive about the present, the future, and can make decisions much more easily – being ‘in love’ (with our existence and our world) is a feeling we can immerse ourselves in when we help others to overcome their problems, when we put ourselves outside of our personal comfort zone, and when we have no thought of reward except to make others joyful, happy and comfortable.

And what sort of ‘material’ is used in making the components, the mechanism and the moving parts for this wonderful perpetual machine? Compassion, Empathy, Truth, and make sure to throw in any Kindness, Happiness, Joy, Trust and Hope anytime you like – and it will run beautifully, all by itself! Just bring the materials together, and they will make the ‘machine’ all by themselves – we just have to use it! The more you use it, the better it gets – it is self-maintaining, self-fueling, and self-lubricating – an engineer’s dream! From within our hearts and souls we can give out love to others and watch the wave grow and build – it may seem like magic, but Love is the beginning of all good things, and Love is the way we can correctly engage with the World and make a real, positive, difference among the people we know and contact.


Love is the perpetual machine we need as the true power source in our lives – the more we give away, the more we have to give! ~ Gaius Quinterus


Happiness matters!

Everyone wants to be happy, and indeed has the right to be happy. The pursuit of ‘happiness’ (whatever we take that to mean) is actually a self-perpetuating, never-ending, task for each of us, every day. We may feel it is the driving force for what we do, and it is naturally within us to try to be ‘happy’ – perhaps we think that true ‘happiness’ can come from earning enough money so we acquire a certain object, or ‘happiness’ can come from reaching a certain level of career, or….

However, one of the great truths in life is that true happiness comes when we give happiness to others – their happiness will make us happy in a very real, profound way. I am certainly not proposing we go out, spend all our money, and buy everything we can to then give it all away to others – no, that may help one or two people on the surface and may make them happy for a short time, but mere possessions do not make for long-term happiness, for anyone. Things (objects, cars, houses, possessions, etc.) all decay and fade away with time – the long-term worth is nothing!

Far better to help people feel loved, accepted, cared-for, valued and appreciated, which is something that often costs nothing financially but can bring untold rewards for us all, and those rewards and benefits encourage and sustain even more people to give in such a way too. The returns are true positive returns, true happiness and will long outlast our puny bodies ! Giving of your time and love is a gift beyond price, and the reward to others (and therefore to your own soul) is also without price, but is to be sought out and aimed for at every opportunity.

In all things, and this is an important final thought just now, make sure your happiness does not remove the happiness from anyone else, or the potential for them to enjoy their happiness. The best way to be happy is to help others to be happy, then there can be no conflict of interest and everyone wins – including you! Be blessed,  bless others, and be happy!

~ Gaius Quinterus



Everyone seeks, and deserves, happiness. Share happiness with others, as a loving mother shares her life with her child!

~ Gaius Quinterus


The Path…

I hadn’t been around on this planet for long before I realised that life wasn’t always going to be ‘a breeze’. My first (very vivid) memories are of being 3 months old and I can still, very clearly, see the things around me – my mother’s clothes, the wall coverings in my bedroom, as well as smelling the hateful powder that it was insisted be used on me (I have always loathed the smell of Johnson’s Baby Powder ever since), and I well remember experiencing the hunger of a rapidly growing baby, as you would expect – well, I am male after all…!

Not much you can do for yourself as a baby, but the eager, fresh young mind is working and trying to figure things out – and watching the Path of Life stretching off into the distance starts to become real experience, signposted with expectations, desires and challenges. Never forget that a baby is watching, thinking and studying the world – it is taking the first steps on its own Path and needs help and encouragement at every stage. As life unfolds, and the years pile on, then other elements creep in – relationships with parents, siblings, toddler ‘friends’ etc. – the ability to go and find food for yourself from the cupboard (I bet we can all remember the excitement of sneaking in to the kitchen without being spotted and having that extra biscuit or bit of cake when we were only just old enough to be able to reach the kitchen worktops by standing on a chair?) – and then there was the horrendously difficult experience of school……

All, in all, life has its challenges at any and every age – perhaps we will discuss these more in the future – but it is the principle I want us to consider for now.

Life is a journey, an exploration of ourselves, and a challenge at many levels and in many ways. Interestingly (well, it is to me) is how one person’s challenge is sometimes of no consequence to someone else… For me it was (primarily) always my interactions with people that caused my biggest difficulties… I know now it is because of how my brain is ‘wired’ but no-one had any clue back then (1950s, 60s, etc.) so being ‘accepted’ wasn’t something that happened to me very often. Living a life of isolation (from other people’s feelings) drives you to look inside yourself for your own advice and counsel, makes you find and depend on your own innate strengths, and forces you to examine cause and effect in much more detail then people who seem to float through life as though on that first-mentioned ‘breeze’.

But, and here is the crux of what I am trying to say – and I apologise for the side-tracking by baby powder, and cake – each and every person has their OWN sets of problems to deal with – ones that are hard for THEM to handle, even if they may not seem like a problem to you, or even to anyone else you know.

Take strength from the fact that many have walked even more difficult paths, with less strength, and yet have reached their goal with courage, faith and perseverance, finding peace and hope as they enjoy the life they have been given. ~ Gaius Quinterus

The Path we travel is very much one that is ours individually, and not one belonging to someone else, but we can take great heart and comfort from the fact that it is one we can travel with shed-loads of experience handed down from others ahead of us and alongside us (if we want to learn from them), and it is a journey where we can also help others travel theirs – think of us all on a massive road together in this world – and doing what we can to keep everyone buoyed up and encouraged – sometimes we need more help than we can give out, but other times, when we have perhaps found a way over some specific obstacle, or round some particular problem, and it is then we can help a fellow traveller on their way too. Remember our discussion on Ripples, last time… it’s that sort of positive ripple effect that helps all of us travel better together, as a great group of Humanity, through this life 🙂

Peace, good health, enjoy The Path 🙂

‘Often, as we travel this path that is our life, we are shrouded in doubt, cannot see more than a short distance ahead, and have concerns about where we are heading. Things can seem dark and suffocating, as the smoke of a personal conflict, problem or sadness stings our eyes. There are always trip hazards, ready to cause us to stumble and doubt ourselves. We might sometimes lose all sense of direction completely, and have to stop for a while, to gather our strength, worrying that we do not have the ability to continue.
But consider the traveller on their chosen road (just like any of us) – there are times when mist surrounds them, perhaps a rough surface slows their progress, they may be thirsty, hungry, too hot or too cold, or a throng of other people makes quiet travel impossible for a time. In all things the traveller must have faith in the road continuing to its destination as it should, even when they cannot see it clearly, or it is hard to endure. So too, with our lives. Our path in life may have periods of being uneven, or its direction unclear, but it is still there, still waiting for us, and it is ours personally to travel and experience, no-one else’s. Take strength from the fact that many have walked even more difficult paths, with less strength, and yet have reached their goal with courage, faith and perseverance, finding peace and hope as they enjoy the life they have been given.’

~ Gaius Quinterus

Everything … is for a purpose.

I regularly contemplate my place in this world, and how everything ‘fits’ together – nothing new in that endeavour – it has been the quest of thinking peoples, probably since time began…

This affirmation describes one of the ways I have tried to reconcile how life seems to work around (and with) me – I hope it can strike a chord with some of you.

purpose1(The picture is of Glen Garry, just to the west of Loch Ness in Scotland, and was taken by me)

Peace and health to you all.


‘Everything we experience in life is for a purpose, by design, and for the good of ourselves and those around us, even if we do not understand it at the time. Our lives are like rivers that start very small and quiet – a gentle trickle of precious water that delights all who see it. As we gather more experiences, both turbulent and peaceful, our waters gather strength and speed, taking us through new and interesting places, until we reach obstacles that prevent us going forwards in the way we plan. Sometimes we rush through, carrying the earth and bushes with us, and sometimes we gather in pools of liquid strength, and then carve a fresh channel towards our distant goal. At times we are joined by others along the journey, some enriching our flow and some diverting parts of us to different destinations. Some stay with us, and some take new routes in their search for their true worth. We may give a part of our strength to other streams, or set some of our strength to one side in lakes, for many others to use. As we get older, our pace may quicken as we make a new path through unmapped country, or our pace may slow and the bushes, the trees, and the earth we gathered are set aside for new growth to start along our path. Throughout our journey, we are using what we started with, and what our experiences have added to us, to be what we are meant to be – useful to the land around us, watering and nourishing the fields, while still progressing to our final merging with all the other waters on this great journey of life.’

            ~ Gaius Quinterus