Our souls and our inner, deepest, beings, need to love others to be truly alive

The world is quick to help us spend our money on useless ‘stuff’, quick to make us waste our time on doing nothing of value, and yet is also quick to condemn those who give of themselves willingly to help others, with no thought of reward, praise or glory from what they are doing. When we talk about the ‘value’ of things, or possessions like houses, cars, etc. then we are completely missing the point about what really matters.

The most valuable thing you can give to any individual (and that includes yourself), or to any situation, is your care, your compassion, and understanding – but, most especially, your heartfelt Love! Love is free to give, and pays you back many times over – it has no monetary value, but its value is beyond price, in the good it can do in the lives of others. Giving of your Love, goes against all rational principles promoted by the big money-making organisations and thinkers. Strangely, Love only has real value when it is given away, because to hold it back makes it wither, die and become a personal, burden of unused guilt – and it can break you unless you use it well! Our lives, our souls and our inner, deepest, beings, need to love others to be truly alive – the rewards are many time more than what we give away, making it easier to give out even more.


Let me put it like this – over countless millennia, many scientists, innovators and engineers, have searched for the perpetual machine – a machine that needs no energy put into it, because it produces more than it uses – in the real, physical 3D world we inhabit then a perpetual machine cannot happen due to technical stuff like friction, wear, etc…. BUT Love, real life action founded on Love, and driven by Love at its core, IS that perpetual machine. It produces more and more Love along the way, it excites and invigorates people in their daily lives and everything they do, everyone they meet is touched by it  – it is the essence and source of the power we need in this world to make positive changes, to bring a better life to those who struggle, and it grows and expands to affect our entire existence if we keep giving it away. Fire up the machine and it goes and drives all by itself, and gives more and more Love to use, again and again. Yes, it is miraculous, but it truly works!

We know that when we are ‘in love’ we see everything differently, experience everything more intently, feel positive about the present, the future, and can make decisions much more easily – being ‘in love’ (with our existence and our world) is a feeling we can immerse ourselves in when we help others to overcome their problems, when we put ourselves outside of our personal comfort zone, and when we have no thought of reward except to make others joyful, happy and comfortable.

And what sort of ‘material’ is used in making the components, the mechanism and the moving parts for this wonderful perpetual machine? Compassion, Empathy, Truth, and make sure to throw in any Kindness, Happiness, Joy, Trust and Hope anytime you like – and it will run beautifully, all by itself! Just bring the materials together, and they will make the ‘machine’ all by themselves – we just have to use it! The more you use it, the better it gets – it is self-maintaining, self-fueling, and self-lubricating – an engineer’s dream! From within our hearts and souls we can give out love to others and watch the wave grow and build – it may seem like magic, but Love is the beginning of all good things, and Love is the way we can correctly engage with the World and make a real, positive, difference among the people we know and contact.


Love is the perpetual machine we need as the true power source in our lives – the more we give away, the more we have to give! ~ Gaius Quinterus


‘…no need to fear the storms of life …’

Busy with work just now, so this is a short blog entry, but I felt I could perhaps share with you an affirmation that presented itself to me in early 2013, when I happened to be going through a particularly difficult time in my life – a new (potentially very positive) venture being started by me was being knocked back by outside circumstances – I was trying to find a positive in all that was going on.

It happened about then that an unexpectedly bad storm was sweeping across where I live, and everything was getting battered by the windy, wet, weather – new, fresh leaves and plants were getting hammered to the ground just as they were starting to really show their potential. It made me think about my life and problems too, and my mind was drawn to set down these words. Enjoy!


‘There is no need to fear the storms of life that sometimes attack our soul and threaten to break our spirit. It is merely part of the change we must go through to become more beautiful and more useful people. Take heart that even the mightiest mountain cannot withstand the rain and wind, the burning heat and bitter cold, for ever. Over time it is utterly shattered, cast down, and ground into smaller and smaller pieces until it emerges as the gentle sand of a beach, reflecting heat and light, and a joy for all who see it and warm their feet on its softness.’

            ~ Gaius Quinterus